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Our job goes well beyond the production of honey. our honey is free of pesticides and is Pure, natural, healthy, and unique!


Infused HOney- We take honey to a whole new level

We use the highest quality honey to create delectable infusions using ingredients such as cacao, cinnamon, coffee, ginger, orange, pumpkin spice, jalapeño, and Pink Himalayan Sea Salt to name a few. Our main goal is to create a product with unparalleled flavor profiles and at the same time deliver powerful health benefits. The power of natural honey is well documented, and we are immensely proud to contribute to the wellness of our clients in innumerable ways. The possibilities of of our special varieties are endless!

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“¡Simply the best and most unique honey out there!”
— Jasmine, New York City

About Us

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Our Mission

At Little Island Honey, we produce some of the purest honey on the market and we have the lab results to prove it! Enjoy the wide spectrum of health benefits that only raw, natural, pesticide-free honey can provide you. It’s how it should be!

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Our People

Little Island Honey was born out of love for nature, our planet, bees, and our people. We have a very team that is extremely passionate about pure honey and we cannot wait to share this passion with you. Learn more about us!

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Our Island

We are fortunate to live and practice apiculture (bee keeping) on a small island in the Caribbean that remains free of GMOs, systemized pesticides and other threats to the well-being of the bees. The more healthy and happy the bees live, the better the honey will be!

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Our Honey

Consuming natural honey: strengthens energy levels, carries antibacterial properties, is used as an anti-inflammatory and also fights against cancerous cells. Combining this with our superfood infusions, you will receive super healthy benefits!

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